Monday, October 17

Pier 1 Dream Lamp

Okay, so here's the truth: the lamp above our dining room table is ugly. Super ugly. Well, appropriate for my grandma (who lived in the house before us and loved shiny brass fixtures), but so not appropriate for us. Ugh, it's just not my style. . .

Luckily, I'm too distracted by the ugly wallpaper to notice the lamp, sometimes ;-).

You can see it here in this old photo from the big move - we've since upgraded and chairs, but the lamp is till there.

Eventually, we're planning to make the back wall a photo wall, like this one (found here).
I want all white frames. I've been saving up frames for a while now, which is why garage sales and white spray paint are 2 of my favorite things.

And I'm dying to paint the room Veranda View by Benjamin Moore. Mmmm... it's like green happiness.
Anyway, back to the title of this post. Pier 1 has the most amazing lamp I've ever seen! I saw it this past weekend when I was shopping my my mom. I immediately pointed it out, seeing as it made my heart skip a beat.

Here it is, the Hanging Rattan Lamp. It would be perfecto in our dining room.
I would love to have it hanging from our ceiling. . . But, sadly, we don't have extra money right now. . .Hey, a girl can dream! Right?!


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