Saturday, July 23

Moving is not for the weak.

I figured that before I started showing you all the projects we've worked on, and our currently working on, I should show you some photos from the move. Now, I moved not too long ago; I mean about 2 years ago I moved back from college town to my parents house, but that was surprisingly easy. . . this move wasn't.

I never realized just how much stuff accumulates everywhere. It's actually pretty unbelievable (and semi-reminiscent of Hoarders). Sure, I'd lived with my parents for 23 (almost 24) years, an I knew I had boxes in the basement and boxes in the attic, and a bed room bursting to the seams, but I never noticed how much stuff there really was... or how long it would take to move it.

I definitely had more stuff than Tris, but he had more big stuff, like the word's heaviest dresser, and an electronic piano (we also added an old upright piano to our possessions as we moved. Tris is over the moon). I had so many little things, and packing them up was probably the least fun I ever had.

I'll say this though - Thank goodness Tris is off in the summers, or otherwise we never would've got everything moved and situated.

Either way... the story is better in photos.

Oh, and of course I have to start off with my new Dyson. It's so beautiful, and I love it so much. In a related note, Tris told me we cannot name our future children after that Dyson. Yes, I asked him, and yes, I cannot believe he said no.

I swear, looking at these photos makes me crazy. Unpacking was almost worse than moving. Seriously. It's weird moving into a new place because, yeah you want to put everything away, but how do you know where to put it? How do you know everything's place?

Anyway, I'm obviously happy to be moved it, settled, and all that jazz. We've been here about a month and a half now, and there's still a few boxes in the basement, but that's fine by me. I'll get to them later. No really, I will. . . .


The Nest Chapter said...

Congrats on the new home and yay for another home blog to read! :)

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