Tuesday, July 26

When one door opens. . .

… another door opens?

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly how the phrase goes, but it’s pretty appropriate here.

In our kitchen, we have to cabinets where I store bakeware (muffin tins, Bundt cake pan, cookie sheets, cooling racks, etc) and other directly next to it where I store all of our pots and lids. I have a ton of cookware and bakeware, but it works out because I feel like we have the perfect place to store it all. It really works out, because the counter above the cabinets is were I house my stand mixer and do all of my baking.

Sounds like a happy slice of domestic bliss right? Aside from the fact I might be able to bake, but can’t really cook, right? Yeah, okay, except there is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy.

The doors both open on the left hand side. I mean, I guess that makes sense? I’m not sure if it does or not, be to me, it was obnoxious. For some reason, I felt like they should be like the rest of out cabinets that open with doors facing each other.

After complaining for about 2 weeks, I finally got off my butt to do something about it. Well, actually, then I changed my mind and had Tris do something about it, so that I could snap a couple quick photos. I did hold the door up though, so I did my part. (Also, Pringles were on sale that week, as you can see.)

We simply took the hinge off one side of the cabinet, measured where the screws were, made little marks with a pencil on the opposite side, flipped the door over, and screwed the hinge to the right side.

It was a super easy “project”, but who doesn’t love instant gratification, am I right? Really, though, it makes it so much easy to get to things in the kitchen, and for that, I am very thankful.

Sometimes easy projects are necessary, and it’s nice to complete something quickly so you can see and enjoy the result.

Score one for the new homeowners!


The Nest Chapter said...

This reminds me that I need to fix our drawer. It drives me crazy and would probably be a super easy project, but I keep putting it off. I totally agree that opening up to each other is better. Our arel ike that and if they weern't, I'd want to fix it, too.

Lauren said...

That seems like such an easy fix, but something that would make a great difference!

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