Sunday, October 30

One Night Stand: Part 1

That post title could go anywhere! haha!

But really, I'm actually writing about a night stand, or at least I think it's a night stand. It could be used as an end table I guess, too. Anyway, when my grandma was moving, I nabbed a nightstand from her that I had always thought was absolutely gorgeous (even if it was in rough shape).

You can see it, here, in this older photo from our great big move. It's awesome; a super great shape and size, with amazing 'scroll work' detailing all over it.
Want to see some of that detail work up close?

It really is very pretty, but it's in bad shape too. You can see that it's got chipped paint in a lot of places and that's it's even been turning green.

It's still an awesome piece, though.

And, well. . .it's also very gold, which our master bedroom is not.

The master bedroom has all my late 90's black and silver furniture. Sure, it's a little dated and I loved it when I had it in Junior High, but it's a matching set of furniture and we don't have any extra money ;-), so I'll hold on to it for now.
See? I know, I know, we need some art on the wall or something; we're getting there. Here you can see our amazing Poppy Bedding by Echo that I just love! I can thank the wedding registry for that one ;-). But you can also see the gold nightstand in the bottom left corner (which is also next to this chair). It doesn't match the black and silver look of the room (or that border either, but nothing matches that border. I cannot wait to pull it off and paint).

Naturally, I decided to use my secret weapon. Spray paint of course. We went from gold (to primer) to silver in no time.
I used my Rust-Oleum (because I use it's 2x cover spray paint for everything) in the color Aluminum.

I did about 4 light coats.

It looked even better. No more cracky edges of greening gold, but I couldn't see the scroll work as much as I had hoped.

Don't worry, there's a solution for everything! Tune in for Part 2 to see some fancy problem solving and the big reveal!


Amanda said...

That's a gorgeous nightstand! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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