Monday, November 14


So, I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest. Obsessed! I can't help myself, and now I added the app to my iPhone so I can be all over it on my commute on the train in the mornings, too. It's awesome.

Anyway, I've pinned a billion things I'd like to try/DIY sometime, but a lot of them are pretty huge projects that would be a big undertaking . . . Which is why when I find a simple/looks easy-to-do project, I can't wait to jump on it.

It all started with this pinned image of some paint chip coasters.
Looks pretty self explanatory, right? Right! So I bought my $.11 tiles and gathered the rest of my supplies.
I usually use Mod Podge brand decoupage glue, but I had that smaller bottle on the right sitting around (and I couldn't find my Mod Podge) so I used it instead. It worked the same.

I filled my tile and paint chip upside down on my cutting mat and did some trimming.
Then there was some simple decoupaging.
And a clear acrylic coat (sprayed outside) at the end of it all.

That was it! It was so easy . . . and even though I don't think we really needed more coasters, we have them just in case :-D.

Anybody else Pinterest inspired?


Amanda said...

I love those coasters on Pinterest - and yours look great! :)

Lauren said...

Yours turned out great!

The So-Called Wife said...

These are so cute! I'd never seen anything like this before, and I love it! I seriously want to make coasters like this. And I am equally obsessed with all things Pinterest these days. :)

The Nest Chapter said...

These came out so good! We don't need anymore coasters, but I kind of want to make them for a housewarming gift, they are just so fun.

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