Tuesday, August 23

Bad News Chairs

You know how sometimes you get a great deal, and then turns out you could've got a better deal? Yeah, that just happened to me. . . And I'm angry.

We recently got a new dining room table (for a steal via Craigslist), and our old dining room chairs no longer matched. They matched so little, that they actually looked silly.

I wanted to replace them, but I felt like we'd have to wait a while, because I had my heart set on Parsons chairs, like these babies from Overstock.
I love the sleek, but comfortable look about them, and they would match our new table to a T. The problem is, they're a little pricey. The ones I've found are were around $80 a pop (the set above were $186 for a pair).

With the price being too steep, and us all ready owning chairs (unmatching, but still), I thought we'd just have to hold off on this one

Until something that I thought was amazing happened.

Tris and I do all of our grocery shopping pretty exclusively at
Meijer, and we've done this since college, so needless to say, they've received a lot of money from us in the past and today.

Meijer has great prices and great produce (which I'm picky about), so I always rave about the store. Anyway! I was going online to view their ad (we don't get a newspaper), and I learned that their website carries furniture. Of course, I called my mom & Tris to tell them both and ask them if they knew, because I was so excited. (They had a kitchen table for $75, so I definitely wish I would've know they had furniture a few months ago.)

And then, to my disbelief, I saw that they had my beloved Parsons chairs. . . On sale for $39! It felt like a steal, because I'd only seen them for twice that.

The color was right (kind of oatmeal with dark wood), and I was pretty sure it may have been fate. I hmmmed and hawwwed about ordering 4 or 6 chairs - because even at ~$40 it was still a chunk of change, but I figured I wouldn't find 'em cheaper so I ordered 6 of them, and even had them shipped to the store to save on shipping.

I was over the moon. . . Until today. We picked them up on Sunday - 2 days ago! - and now they're on sale for $19.99. That's half the price ladies and gents.

"We appreciate your request for a credit for the difference of the item price on your recent order as compared to it's current price. Unfortunately, we do not adjust pricing for online purchases as we do for in-store purchases. As noted in our FAQ's, when the order is submitted, you have accepted the price. This information is posted online and available for your consideration even before you purchase: What if I notice an item I purchased previously is now on sale? Can I get credited for the sale price? Pricing on Meijer.com is available only at the time the order is placed. No pricing adjustments will be made on previous orders based on future or past promotions or sale prices."

I understand . . . to a point. But I'm still pissed. I'm not some sneaky customer. I'm someone who gives Meijer tons of money every week (and who loves to shop there!), and just wants what I feel is fair. I mean really, I guess I just feel like Meijer let me down.

Part of me just wants to return the chairs and re-order them, but we've assembled 5 of the 6, and the assembly was a little tricky. Having to take the time to disassemble them and reassemble them later sounds like a pain, not to mention the fact that we'd have to pack them up again.

There it is: a happy story with a sad ending. I'm so disappointed, because I was so excited about the chairs in the first place. Now I'm seriously bummed.

And Meijer's - that I typically look forward to going to every week - has just left a bad taste in my mouth. I hate when that happens :(.

Anybody else miss a deal because they bought too early? Totally lame, isn't it?

Oh - and the worst part? We had until the 25th (two days from now!) to pick up our chairs, otherwise they send them back and refund the money! I could have sat back and done nothing, then they would've taken the chairs back for me and I could have reordered them! Can you believe that!? And they won't match the new price!



Lauren said...

That sucks! We had this happen when we were framing some art, but I ended up talking them into giving us the additional % off when they were late on their delivery time. Those are pretty chairs though.

Kate @ The Fetching Life said...

I'm dying a little over here for you, that is CRAZY that they won't price match for you? Have you tried going to the store? I had a similar experience with Pier1 but the store was able to just return and resell for me. I'm on the hunt for parsons chairs myself, even without the new price I'm jealous of your great deal!

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