Tuesday, August 30

Gonna Get Cubed

So I'm back and I'm not complaining anymore :). I promise the grouchyness of my last post is over and I made peace with my chairs. Maybe I could have got them cheaper, but I got a great price and I love them.

Moving on!

What am I crazy about now? These bean bag cubes made by UberCasa.
Screenshot from kgb deals

It's basically a square bean bag, and I know it seems ridiculous, but I really want one. Our loveseat in our family room is too far from the coffee table to put your feet up on it, and we don't really have a room condusive to an ottoman, so this would be a perfect solution. Not to mention, I've been complaining about lack of an ottoman since we moved in.

It'd be an easy place to put your feet up on, but totally light and fun to move around the room, or even crash with on the floor.

Of course, we all know I'm super cheap, and there's no way I'd pay the whopping $74 bucks for one of these suckers. Well, lucky for me, I don't have to.

There's kgb deal (kgb deals work similar to Groupon) for a great deal on these Cubes, and I'm sooo going to snatch one up! Why haven't I done it yet? Because I haven't decided on the color. I'm thinking silver. It would match better than that bright orange, right? (But I do love orange...) I mean, I guess black would work, but it does seem a little dark. Besides, silver is kind of like gray, which is kind of like neutral and perfect for my living room, right? Did you like how I just justified that? I know you did.

Does anyone actually have one of these? Are they as cozyawesome as they look? Because I sure hope they are. I'm thiiiiiiis close to ordering one. Let me know if you do - I can't be the only one, right?

(No, UberCasa didn't schmooze me into talking about them... I just really want that Cube.)


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