Monday, August 15

Pig Watch 2011: China Blue

So, totally random, and possibly a little strange: a few years ago, I told Tris that if he and I ever got a house, I would collect Piggy Banks. I think I was serious at the time, and Tris laughed and said "okay", but I immediately remembered this when we moved into our new home.

Seriously, in the last two months, I have become unstoppable. Flea markets, garage sales, multiple birthday pigs, have all added up and now my small collection of one has amassed into a whole whopping 18 pigs. Word. I know, I know, it seems like a huge number (and it kind of is), but some of the pigs are very small, and besides, let's be honest, we've got the room, so why not?

And, even to start it off, in a serendipitous turn of events, BFF Mang got us this kitchen timer for at my bridal shower last February. You can say that pig got us on the right foot (...or hoof?) :-D.
So what's the newest pig to join our collection?

Oh man, I got so excited when I saw this pig at Hobby Lobby. I grabbed Tris's arm just to tell him that I'd never seen a pig like that before and that it was so different than any other pig I had. He asked if I wanted to buy in, but my inner bargain shopper didn't want to pay $12 for the pig, so we left him . . .

Until the following week when he was 50% off. I wasted no time in bringing him home. Here's our new China Blue Pig.

Yeah, he's kind of strange (eyelashes?), but I think he has personality. . . and well, people have weirder collections, right?


Bonnie Joy said...

Ha, we have the exact same kitchen timer! We got it as a wedding present, with a matching whisk as well :)

Amanda said...

Adorable! And I love that you collect piggy banks - I bet they make an adorable collection!

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