Sunday, August 14

File Inspiration

I, like most people, have to file away important papers somewhere. You know - like bills, insurance papers, house papers, etc.

For a while, I stored them all in plastic container, that held hanging file folders. Like this one:
Right. Pretty lame, but pretty functional and that's all I really needed. Well, until Tris and I bought our house and had a ton more papers, quite a bit more bills, and a bunch of other things we needed to keep track of. He suggested we get a file cabinet.

A few days later, I saw a cabinet at a garage sale for $2. Since we were buying a coffee table from that sale for $5, they gave us the cabinet for $1. Not bad for a dollar. No we own something like this guy:
Once again, mucho functional, but not pretty at all. I started wondering if I could paint something like that, and thanks to some fancy pinning and googling, and I have all kinds of inspiration.

Love them all! If that's not enough inspiration, that I don't know what is.

It inspired me enough to head to the hardware store and buy some primer for metal surfaces. I haven't decided yet if I want to paint the entire cabinet, put paper on the drawer fronts, or cover the entire thing in fabric, but either way something has to be done. It's too cool of an opportunity to pass up :-D.


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