Monday, April 1

Save Money on an Important Thing

You guys, I'm going to be honest, I need soft toilet paper.

I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it's so true. Tris says that I have a spoiled butt (which is not true), but what can you expect? He grew up using the awful sandpaper-toliet paper his parents always bought growing up. Is it weird that whenever I use the bathroom at my In-Law's house, I always wonder how someone can use that awful paper daily? I don't get it! It's worse than cheap-o hotel TP!
Right?! Clearly Tris had no idea about my need of good TP when we got married. . . But, seriously, I'm pretty sure anyone that visited my college apartment saw that I had nicer toilet paper than the other college kids.

Anyway, what have I learned in the last two years of living in our Sweet Townhome? Umm, toilet paper is not cheap. Especially if you want the super soft Charmin, or something 3 ply, or that wonderful Contenelle!

Really guys, my life is hard.

So what did we do? Well, we started buying Angel Soft. I know what you're thinking: "That's only 1-ply!" Right, a serious downgrade and too thin, but it was cheap.

Recently, I decided to look on Amazon, as we pay for Amazon Prime (love that one free ebook a month!!). And what did I find?! Good TP for a good price!! I one-click ordered that sucker!
We went from one ply to three ply and from single rolls to double rolls! I ordered 48 rolls of toilet paper, for $.50 a roll. And they're double rolls so it's like getting 96 rolls, and the three ply makes it last even longer!!!

Here the super soft, super wonderful TP I ordered:

The craziest part? I found the exact same TP at our grocery store and added up the price. We're saving literally $14. That's amazing. It's a perfect solution and I get the good stuff. Win, win, ladies and gents.

The only downside? It gets shipped to your house is a box with a giant "Quilted Northern" printed on the side. So as long as you don't mind your neighbors knowing you buy your toilet paper off the internet, then no worries!


K said...

I just discovered your blog and this is such an awesome solution! I've considered buying snacks and stuff in bulk from Amazon (since gluten-free stuff is WAY cheaper there than it can be at the store!) but have never done it before! But I have to admit I'm more in the Tris toilet-paper camp: I grew up using whatever was on sale and have been using college one-ply for the past four years, so I'm just really not that picky anymore.

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