Wednesday, July 25

Want You in my Townhome: Master Bathroom Edition

So, our wallpaper is coming down this week (hooray!), which is a super big deal. I've tried everything method known to Google to get that paper off and have been majorly unsuccessful. Also, this has made me hate our wallpaper with a passion, not just because of its general uglyness, but because we have been in a state of war for the last year.

Anyway, long story short, we're paying to have all our wallpaper removed. We're getting it done for a good price, and when every room in your house has some time of wall paper, it seems like a great idea to let someone else handle what feels like a huge undertaking. . . Someone else who has done it before and actually knows what they're doing, unlike moi.

This has got me thinking about paint! Whoo! I am so excited we finally get to have nice colors that we've chosen up on our walls. I've been trying to decide a color for our master bath.

I'm leaning towards Intuition by Benjamin Moore.

I like it so much that I'm telling it that I "WANT YOU IN MY SWEET TOWNHOME." That's right, you heard me, I'm calling that color out.

The trash bin, soup dispenser, towels, etc we all ready have (Reflections from Bed, Bath, and Beyond), and I think that color would match nicely.

Oh, and that mirror and light fixture should show up in my bathroom immediately. Lovely.

One more thing: Blue Penny Tile? That has to happen.


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