Saturday, April 13

eBay Light Fixtures

So I hate the light fixture in our entry way. Yes, hate is a strong word, but it's exactly how I feel. The shape and all that shiny brass? Hate.

Buying a new light fixture really isn't in our budget (especially since I bought more scrapbook supplies last week-oops), so I've been online window shopping.

I started looking at eBay of all places, because my coworker just sold a light fixture on eBay, and I assumed if she did it, then others most be too.

Tris kind of entertained my ideas, but I think only because we don't have money to buy one right now.

First, I thought this light was hilarious and I kind of loved it. Who doesn't need a bowler hat in their life?

Sold by aituzib on Ebay.

Right? Hilarious.  Even though it's great, it realistically would never work for us - we have no overhead light in the living room so we rely on the light from the entry way to help light up the living room. We would need a brighter light than just that hat. (Also, Tris said we could probably DIY this for cheaper and I agree.)

But you know what I really want? Like legit? This sucker!
Sold by buybuybag-ouovo on eBay.

I mean, seriously, wouldn't would want a light that looks like a giant light bulb!! I love everything about it, the size, the shape, the sense of humor. Tris shook his head, but I think I might've been able to convince him. It comes in three different sizes, but I would want the largest. It's too bad though, the large one (with a circumference of a whooping 11.8 inches! Holla!) rings in at $80 with $46 shipping. I'm sure that seems like a fair price in the light fixture world, but we don't want to spend that kind of money on a non-necessity right now.

Oh well, back to hunting through the other 80's light fixtures on Craigslist.

Where do you find light fixtures? Anybody else look on eBay?


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