Saturday, April 21

Color picking and choosing

So I picked up that chest after work on Thursday and am absolutely smitten. I put it in my truck and took it straight home.

Here we are on our way.

I had Tris help me take it right up to our room. We moved the bright blue foot locker that had been there, and put the chest in its new home.
And then? Well, then came the Photoshopping. 

Oh, and sidebar, our bedding is Poppy Pop by Echo. I absolutely adore it. It took a loooong time before Tris and I could agree on bedding, but when we finally saw this one we both loved it. Seriously, trying to agree on bedding and dishes took days; who knew how hard registering would be, but that's beyond the point. A few very nice people got it for us from our registry. I love everything about it, especially the color (bonus: it's also reversible). It's closeout sale at Macy's now if anyone is interested.

Anyway! See, I was thinking I'd paint it teal to add some 'pop' and to do something kind of unexpected. Tris said 'no way' and voted for black to match the rest of the furniture in our room. The only way to know for sure? Well, Photoshop if course, and then decide.

The clear winner? Black of course, and glossy black to match the rest of our 90's furniture. And then, just for fun, I tried it out with a fake color block for our cushion. 

I was thinking the bench would be too tall, but if I make a skinny cushion maybe not. I was planning to remove the legs entirely, but I'm just in love with all their tapered goodness. I can't seem to accept the idea of chopping 'em off, so skinny cushion/seat it will have to be :-D.

Oh, and just for kicks? Maybe one day, folks, maybe one day. . . . And hopsefully sometime soon we can get rid of that horrible wallpaper boarder and those pink blinds. Man, oh man, is it ugly.

How do you choose your paint colors? Aren't think just easier with Photoshop ;-) ?


Micah and Catherine said...

I really like it the way it is but I'd say black if I had to pick a color. What a great find!

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