Thursday, April 19

Still Craigs Obsessed

So, now that I've found a chandelier, my Craigslist want list is down to two things.
Yes, our wallpaper is still awful and needs to come down... but our newly paint oil-rubbed-bronze light fixture looks amazing!

I would really like a Buffet or long dresser I can paint to place in our living area. Apparently, though, these suckers don't come cheap, as I've learned after lusting for one on CL that's listed at $325. Unfortunately, my budget is more around the $30-$50 range.


Anyway, number two is a bench for the end of our bed, or a coffee table that I can retrofit into a bench. We don't need storage (but aren't opposed to it), but I would like a place where I can set down on while folding laundry or another place to put my socks on... Or just for decoration. Either way.

I'd pretty much settled on the coffee table to bench idea, because those seem much easier to come across on CL and cheaper than any benches I've seen so far.

Last night, though, I thought I found my answer to my buffet quest. I found the most awesome mid-century piece that looks amazing! I started drooling and immediately shot an email to the seller. Turns out, the dimensions weren't quite right for a buffet, but could be perfect for a bench.

It might be a few inches too tall, but I absolutely adore the piece, and honestly? It sounds crazy, but I might try to cut each leg down by like 2.5" just to make it work. That's how much I want it to work, and the legs are gorgeous. We'll see.

Whatever- I'm going to email the seller and tell her that I want it! Legit!

The beauty? Here she is;

Edit: Here's a bigger picture!


Amanda said...

I love it! That could make an awesome bench - what a creative idea! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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