Monday, April 30

DIY Ribbon Shelf

So I've know for a long time, that I wanted a 'ribbon shelf for my scrapbook room. My ribbons are all stuffed in a small cube, and I can never find what I need.

Something like this or this.

I've been hunting on Craigslist for some kind of shelf, but I hadn't had any luck.

Luckily, I found just what I needed at a garage sale this weekend! It was only $1! Score! I forgot to take a photo before I spray painted it, but it was just plain unfinished wood. I painted it in Berry Pink because that's what I all ready had.

Cute, right?

Then I headed to the hardware store and bought some wooden dowels for $.88 each. I measured them, cut them, and picked a drill bit that would make a hole big enough for them to fit through.

 I used painter's tape to mark where I wanted the holes to be, and drilled right through it.

 And that was it! You can see that the bottom dowel is so not straight. Part of it was that it was really hard to get my drill bit through that middle section (I didn't have enough room). I'll probably fix it later, but for now I was anxious just to get it up.
 And The I put my ribbon on it! Much easier than digging through a bin, and way cuter :). I am super super happy with this project, especially because I've wanted something like this forever.
Not bad for a dollar! Well, and the other dollar and a half for the dowels too.

What'd you do this weekend?


Amanda said...

It looks fantastic!

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