Wednesday, July 18

Faux-Frosting a Window

I feel like there's always some project going on here, but most of them take a while, and most of them eat up my weekends (good thing Tris has a million video games to keep him busy). That makes it feel especially nice when I actually do something for the house that doesn't take too much time.

We have a long skinny window next to our front door. It's great because it lets in a ton of light, but it's also super awkward because it lets you see straight up into the kitchen; so hypothetically, if the UPS guy or a neighbor comes to the door I could still be eating breakfast at the kitchen table in my embarrassing PJs and they could see me. . . or if I'm running downstairs in my towel to get my jeans out of the dryer, then people could see that too. It could just make for some embarrassing situations.

Luckily, this was a problem that was easily remedied. I thought about making a skinny curtain and some how installing it, but, frankly, that seemed like too much work. I also thought about doing that trick that's been going around the web where you trace and cut out a shape out of contact paper to make a pattern and then stick it on. . .But again, that seemed like too much work for such a small space.

Happiness came in the form of a product from JoAnns that I grabbed with a coupon. It comes in three different sizes (I think) along with a few different patterns/textures, and sticks to a clean window with nothing but water. AWESOME. Seriously. It feels just like plastic and is incredibly simple to install.

I bought the smallest size, and trimmed the width and height with my X-Acto knife to make it fit correctly. Then I wiped down my window with Windex, and began to spray it with water. I placed the plastic in place and stuck it on, spray water as I went - SO easy. For real.


That's it; not expensive, not time consuming, not hard to do. Talk about my kind of project.

I like having the window covered, but I love that light still comes in, and if I want to change it, I simply peel the plastic off and it come right up. Overall, this was a big win win.



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