Wednesday, February 15

Mid Century Mirrors

So, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a recent time, I visited Craigslist and saw a pair of mid century modern dresser mirrors for $35 that I subsequently swooned over and seriously wanted. Tris & I are trying really hard to save money, so even if $35 is great deal, is was still more than I wanted to spend.

I didn't even pass the link Tris's way, because he probably would've told me to get them and I just couldn't justify the expense.

Also, I learned you could take iPhone screenshots. Who knew?!

The photo from Craigslist.

Five days later, when I still hadn't stopped thinking about those mirrors, they had been reposted again. I was so tempted, but still couldn't justify it.

That brings us to this morning, when I was thinking about those mirrors again, I was mentally kicking myself for just not getting them last week. I loved the look of them, and knew the perfect place in our town home. I should've have just done it!

But. . . then I noticed that they had gotten reposted last night! Whoo! I usually hate haggling, but seeing as this was the third time in two weeks that they'd been posted, I figured the seller just really wanted to get these mirror off their hands. I emailed the seller, asking if the price was negotiable. See, I planned on paying $30, instead of $35, so I asked the seller if she'd take $25 and I just figured she'd say no, but meet me in the middle at $30.

Well, it must be my lucky day, because she accepted the $25! Score! That's only $12.50 a mirror! Not to mention they're 19"x46" so they're big!! Annnnnd awesome!!

Of course it started to rain on my way home, but I dried them off as soon as I got them out of my truck.

I plan on removing the parts that connect it to a dresser, and using them as hanging mirrors. I also plan to paint them (maybe an oatmeal color? not sure yet), but I haven't decided if I want to paint the whole mirror, or leave the metal part at the top without paint.

I apologize for the iphone photos and weird angles. I'll take better ones when it's not cold and rainy ;-D.

Anybody with a Craigslist score? How good of a deal was it?


Amanda said...

Awesome! I love a good Craigslist deal!

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