Monday, June 25

Hello, Beautiful!

Craigslist strikes again! As you guys know, I have to try and hold myself back from buying everything I can find on Craigslist.

Well, I've been looking for a dresser to turn into a buffet (or a nice buffet, but those all seem to be $200+) for $30 or less. I know, I know, that seems like a super low price (I would've gone up to $40, I think), but I persevered!

It's taken about six month to find something:
  1. In the right price range
  2. In the right size (76" width max, 50" width min)
  3. The right look for our space (... or just for my taste)
Well, it's finally happened! I emailed the seller this morning, and now I just have to find out when I can pick this baby up.

Hello, beautiful dresser! I can't wait to take you home, hug you, and then paint you a bright color!


Amanda said...

Wow - what a great deal! That's beautiful!

Zorrie said...

Awesome! Would love to see what you do with it!

Thanks for your visit to my blog! I'm following you now! :)

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