Tuesday, May 8

Avengers Love

So, like two billion other people, I had to go see The Avengers last weekend. Granted, I knew it was opening weekend, but I would've waited a week if I knew it was going to be sooo crowded! I figured that since The Hunger Games wasn't so bad opening weekend, that Avengers wouldn't be either.

Boy, was I wrong! The show was sold out, so we bought tickets for the following one, and that one had quickly sold out, too! The theater was crazzzy crowded.

And, if you're curious, I did nothing to hid my [giant] inner comic book geek. I'm a huge Marvel fan, so you better believe i wore my Avengers TShirt to the show (... as did a handful of 8 yeas olds as well. Whatever).

My take on the movie? See it. See it now!
Also, what's going on that poster? Is it the official one? It doesn't make any sense to have both Tony Stark and Iron Man on it. What's up with that?


Heather said...

I think Tony Stark is on there in addition to Iron Man because if it was just Iron Man, you wouldn't see RDJ's face, and they want to be certain the RDJ fans come!

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