Monday, February 27

February Organize-A-Thon: Our Messy Guest Room

When Amanda over at Love and Renovations, proposed an Organize-A-Thon for February, I thought it might be the perfect push I needed to get my guest room into shape. Seeing as it's leap year, I even made it with a whopping day to spare!

We keep the door to the guest room closed at all times. Partially because we keep the heat vent in there closed because we don't want to pay to heat a room that no one is using, and partially (mostly) because our moster puppy has been known to chew/pee on things as soon as we're not looking. Yeah, like we need another room for her to get into :-D.

Anyway, I'm embarrased to show you what our guest room had become. Since we don't use it much, sometime in the last few months in transformed into a dumping ground for all our junk. Yeah, it' wasn't pretty.
The only junk I'm okay with in the photo above is the cardboard box in the bottom left corner. It's what we use for our recycle bin, so that's allowed (although we did take the recycling out too.)

So what did we do? Well, I scored a headboard and footboard off Craigslist for $95. Setting these up really made the room feel actually like a room. We also turned the bed so it would fit better. . . And we got all the junk off the bed, too. We also washed the sheets at this point, because, hey, why not?

After we did that, I hated the look of that ripped-shade-over-sized-hand-me-down-from-grandma lamp in the corner. We need some kind of lamp because there's no overhead light in that room, though, so I had to do something.
I switch it out for a lamp that has been sitting in our garage. I bought it at a garage sale last summer for $2 and still hadn't figured out anything to do with it. I plan on painting it or changing the color, but it works for now.

Obviously, this room has a long way to go. We still need to:
  1. strip off the wallpaper boarder
  2. paint the room (soft yellow?)
  3. window treatments
  4. install overhead lighting
  5. Seriously get some art on the wall (I want to get an Up poster).
  6. Use the closet for something other than holding an empty bookshelf.
So, yeah, long way to go, but at least it's in much better shape than before.

Thanks, Amanda, for the motivation!


Amanda said...

It is looking great! I'm so glad my post motivated you! :)

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